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At NOSOAK we produce two types of haylage; Rye Grass and Meadow Grass. Both types are available in Large and Small bales.

Rye Grass NOSOAK is made from selected Rye grasses to provide the higher protein, energy and palatability required by competition horses such as Eventers, Show Jumpers, Dressage Horses, Race Horses, Polo Ponies and Breeding Stock
Meadow Grass NOSOAK is made from a traditional Sussex meadow pasture providing a softer, higher fiber, lower protein and energy haylage whilst still being highly palatable. Thus making it more suitable for the leisure horses and ponies such as Hacks, Veterans, Native Breeds, Pony Club, Riding Club and Donkeys

Rye Grass and Meadow grass Haylage is available in two sizes:

Large Bales 250-300 Kgs approx.
Small Bales 20-25 Kgs approx.